Greatest sports moments you were in attendance

Nov 2010

I've had a few, but this one was probably the tops. First game in NY after 9/11. The feeling in the crowd was amazing, chants of USA USA USA all game, and Piazza 2 run HR in the 8th inning. Was an amazing moment.

My other great moments were Islander games. 1993, I went to all 3 home games against the capitals in the first round. 2 the Islanders one in OT, and the third one was the clincher and what was memorable about it was the worst cheap shot I've ever seen. The crowd was fired up big time, even my dad who is usually mellow was screaming. But man, what excitement in the crowd and parking lot afterwards at these games, gives me the chills thinking about it. My glory year as an Islander fan



Former Staff
Aug 2010
My family was at the hockey hall of fame the night Wayne Gretsky was inducted into it... that was pretty neat, though I was too young to realize how awesome it was.

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