Greta Thunberg suggests protesters should break the law

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Oh, well. We wouldn't want to interrupt people's regularly scheduled leisure time or expect them to live in anything less than perfect comfort.

It's going to be too late to do anything soon enough. We'll just have to wait for that. I'm sure the people who don't give a shit now will say "Why didn't you tell us?!!!" when that day comes.
People dont trust anything anymore. Even since Citizens United, the mistrust has grown. So they dont care to hear what various companies claim. Like recycling. For years we heard all about that and then learned that it all went to China and they dumped it. Now a lot of areas have no recycling anymore. If it comes to paying taxes for recycling or teachers what will it be?



Former Staff
Nov 2014
She - like so many other impressionable young people - have just been brainwashed into believing the end of the world is actually upon us. So I can understand why they are so passionate. If I actually believed the world was going to end in 10 years I'd probably be freaking out as well. So that's why I tend to go easy on those like Cortez and others.

The issue with Thornberg though is the smug and tyrannical tone she's chosen to adopt. It's like being lectured by a child, which is difficult for a lot of adults to stomach. Frankly I think she just needs a good spanking. Though corporal punishment is likely outlawed in Sweden.
So, you are in favour of assaulting a person you disagree with?
Oct 2019
Why don't you argue the "logic" of her message instead of her looks? Pretending climate change isn't real is a form of psychosis, maybe those engaging in it should have their own heads examined.
Her logic; taking a gas powered sailboat / yacht to preach about her lost childhood while living in the lap of luxury preaching to the world about how they need to pay more.

The kid doesnt have a clue what the fuck she is talking about, she is reading from a script.

But thanks for demonstrating the propaganda, since criticizing greta means a person "should have their own heads examined".


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Nov 2014

Regardless, I agree that she is being used in a way that should be treated as abusive, particularly given that she clearly has some sort of learning disability.
"Learning disability"?

She graduated with "A"s and "B"s. She's a bright, young woman.


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Jun 2007
A newly painted portrait of Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was quickly defaced — first with a pro-oil message, and later with a slur against the teen. "This is Alberta. This is oil country. My father has worked in the oil industry. We don't need foreigners coming in and telling us how to run our business, support our families, put food on our tables," he said.

Do these people actually believe their jobs will be gone overnight because of carbon tax credits or electric cars?

What about the people in the fisheries losing their jobs because of the kelp forests dying? Anyone care about that?

It’s no secret that those big runs are declining in a major way. Historically, adult salmon returns to the Columbia Basin were at least 10 to 16 million fish annually — today, across the Northwest, less than 5 percent of historic populations of wild salmon and steelhead return to our rivers and streams. Fifteen different salmon and steelhead stocks in Washington state are listed under the federal Endangered Species Act today.

No one's concerned about the jobs being lost right now due to climate change unless they're jobs involving fossil fuels which haven't been impacted.

Oil is often blamed for war in the ME, which I don't dispute, but if people think the same people responsible for millions of deaths incurred over time securing the oil supply can't muster up some coin to create doubt in the climate change debate by demonizing alternative energy (which they're investing in) they're stupid.

The debate is being created by money from oil and gas companies worldwide and silencing one little girl who's probably smarter than most adults just shows how low they'll go to stop any progress in the march to death they're causing.


Mar 2019
You're just one big ol' ball of angry, you know that? It's the people who know climate change is real who should be angry, not you. You're winning. Why aren't you happy? Nothing being's done and it probably won't be as long as people can dissolve into their recliners and watch reruns of Happy Days on their televisions.

You should be thrilled, but instead you choose to rage over the least little bit of dissent. Maybe there's a pea under your mattress, you might want to check that.
Did ya grow up in the 60's? I did. I am totally sick of "Protestors". All my adult life these radicals have been taking over buildings ,Universities ,blocking traffic ,assaulting regular citizens, and just making trouble. Especially about frivolous matters. Clue. The world ain't gonna end in 12 friggin' years. All the bellyaching in the world is not going to change the weather. It is a stupid thing to bich about. You want to CHANGE things? VOTE!
Nov 2014
North Carolina
Smart is the new stupid according to 21st century Republicans.
I wonder if Jacobfitcher plans on accusing you of "assault" for daring to criticize those you disagree with (in this case - Republicans).

Will be interesting to watch his double standard at work. ^^