Gun Violence is the symptom only.

Mar 2015
Mad Prophet

Looking at that, a gun ownership rate of less than 20% correlates strongly with the rate of mass shooters.... Seems your conclusion is opposite the data.

Not my point. I was not talking specifically about 'mass shootings' which actually comprise a small percentage of over-all gun deaths.
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Oct 2014
Wow! So you're saying "gun deaths" refers to all deaths by gunshot? Man, that's so complicated.
Only in the US, the rest of the world counts suicides as a different category.

Good thing too, otherwise, the US would be the 3rd safest from guns, not 130ish.
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Jun 2007
There are differences between boys and girls.

Boys tend to cope with neglect and abuse by lashing outward. Girls tend towards internalizing that abuse.

So, the effects you see are different between them. Where boys are more likely to be outwardly violent, girls will do harmful things that are mainly harmful to themselves.
Girls do not internalize their abuse. Do not challenge me on that. You will lose.
Oct 2014
Girls do not internalize their abuse. Do not challenge me on that. You will lose.
Ok, please elaborate. The relevant statistics focus more on boys in that neglect and abuse of boys creates abusers, school dropouts, arsonists, rapists, and more many times the average rates.

The few statistics relevant to girls point more towards issues like promiscuity, depression, and similar issues.

So, please elaborate because I would love to add to my reasoning as to why single motherhood is a plague on society.