[GW:225] It's So Easy To Buy A Gun

Apr 2012
Even here in California it's easy to buy a gun. The only problem I had when buying my last rifle was proving my address. Because I live in a remote area with no home mail delivery my drivers' license had only my PO Box number and the background check form wanted a street address. I finally found an old fishing license that had my street address and they accepted that.


Apr 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
Stunt videos from advocacy groups aside, private sales are not a significant source for guns used in crimes. Purchased from a gun show, flea market or pawn shop accounted for a combined total of a whopping 2.8% of prisoners who used a gun in commission of their crime (gun shows by themselves were just .08%). https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/suficspi16.pdf
Jan 2018
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Back when the L.A. gang wars were at their peek, the gangs started to discover the usefulness of bombs. Some people don't know this but you can order pounds and pounds of gun powder over the internet and have it delivered to your door. I've done it. And it kind of sketched me out to come home to my box of gunpowder that had been left at my door by the Fed Ex guy.
Apr 2012
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No such thing.

If these shootings keep up there will eventually be a reaction that nobody is going to like. I would imagine the first to go would be large cap mags and silencers. then it will be removeable magazines.

Banning those things would not violate the 2nd.
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