**GW #350** Would you Support A Handgun Ban?

Do you support a handgun ban?

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May 2007
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I’m not “characterizing them.” I asked a basic question at the start. I have pointed out that the idea of handgun bans have come from those left of center. That is an objective fact. That’s just reality.
You said more than that but I don’t want to go around in circles.

Good luck
Jul 2013
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You said more than that but I don’t want to go around in circles.

Good luck
Just off the top of my head, but the first time I heard of the need for handgun bans was from Republicans in response to Reagan and James Brady being almost assassinated by a perp with a handgun in 1981.
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Jul 2011
Poof, like a Houdini! ;)

Anyway, the 4 who voted yes, care to explain how you would see that working? Those on the left who said “no”, is that absolute?
Jun 2013
I do not support a total ban on any firearms. Those who have volunteered and train with others in their state's "well-regulated Militia" will need to be armed in order to defend their states and their nation.

That does not mean that those who have not volunteered for "the common defense" of their states or their nation, need to have a legal right to have any and/or all weapons, those who have volunteered, may need as a part of their volunteer duty.

Handguns may defend someone, but they are also used not only offensively, but they kill and injure people unintentionally and when used as a tool for those who feel they no longer want to deal with life. People commit suicide in all manner of ways, but firearms are used because those who use them are aware of their "effectiveness". Some who have survived other means of committing suicide, have gone on to live complete land fulfilling lives. I know at least one of those people. If they had used a handgun or a firearm, it is likely they would have needlessly missed many years of life.

Firearms for many people end up being "insurance policies" (something someone hopes they do not have to use) that kills them, by being turned against them, by accident or by using them on themselves when undergoing a particularly stressful time in their lives.
Nov 2015
I won't say how to implement a hand gun ban because being ask to is to simply drag me into an argument. Been there, done that and I've found it triggers the pro gun clan. And judging by the way the thread has gone, I'll pass.
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3rd floor, dont get excited.

Why would I shit myself? Are you some kinda tough guy?
Wow! You live on the entire third floor in that rat trap building.

BTW, thanks for the address, sucker! ROFLMAO!
WHEN are you guys going to realize that this is just another "opportunity" for that one to make a post about how "rich" they are, hmm?

It was an opportunity for him to post some Manhattan address, whether he lives there or not, we will never know, he cannot "prove" it, desperately as he tries and who the fuck gives a shit anyway... only him...?

See, many rich people have enough class to not have to get their low self esteem compensation from a message board... trying desperately to "impress" and raise their "status" by pathetically spending the rest of their life here, a "forced" audience, the last who they believe will tolerate their boorish baloney. :zany:

He invented (and fostered) this bull about how he was "threatened" (perhaps it was the "reference" to their "stables" (see, again, has to mention that he has "stables", next he's going to claim you scratched his $300K Lambo...) that must have been the thing that points to paranoid schizophrenia (fears and stories of "persecution" etc.) more than anything else...

Wise up guys, this one is playing you, just like Trump, you take them too seriously!

Thx :)
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