[GW: 373] Regarding hatred of "liberals" , "the left", "leftist" , etc, etc, etc.


Dec 2014
Please refrain from employing personal attacks and focus upon the topic itself.

Jan 2007
Are you a robot programmed to ignore reality?

I just posted a story by FOX News about Republicans blowing "a gasket" over losing to Obama.

I also pointed out that Trump LOST to Clinton in a way that Obama never lost to any of his opponents. No one "blew a gasket" over Trump winning the EC, they just pointed out how much he lost the popular vote by and his lying about how "big" his EC victory was, just like he lies most of the time about how great he and everything he touches is, as if he thinks no one might believe him, unless he tells them to believe it. Ironically for Trump, his obsession with bragging about himself only proves his insecurity about being what he brags about being. All anyone has to do it look up his life history and they can see why he feels a need to brag. Because no one would notice, what does not exist.

My guess is that Trump being driven to school by a chauffeur and being born with a silver spoon in his mouth caused him to be bullied or made fun of and his character has been built on trying to prove to someone he's not an elite that had an easy silver spoon sort of life and got a huge million dollar start in life and that he's some sort of self made born into poverty sort of guy. Well, he has some people conned into believing that and other people paid to con people into believing that and friends outside of the U.S. who are trying con people into believing what is simply not true and even more amazing is that Trump claims he's not an elite out of one side of his mouth one minute, then brags about how elite he is, out the other side of his mouth in the next minute. All anyone has to do is watch video of Trump being himself to recognize how much of a liar and a con man he is, as well as how insecure he is that no one will believe how "great", "wonderful", "fabulous", "magnificent" (all the things he wishes he was) unless he tells them to believe he is. It's a vicious cycle and obsession with Trump and probably one that will cause him to eventually trip over himself and implode, by his own mouth and Tweeting fingers.
You blew a gasket over Trump, it immediately started a Resistance with the goal of removing him , one way or another. Popular vote means shit at the presidential level. Your comments about him show how much you hate him. Non of which reflects on how the country is doing. You never accepted the fact he won the election. Don't like him, run a candidate worth a damn, not some neo marxist critical theory asshole.
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