[GW post #16] Dreamers vs Reparations.

Sep 2014
United States
Ok, both are current subjects of discussion here.

I have found a great inconsistency among the liberal members here. On one hand, they tell us there is no way we can even judge the kids of people who brought them into this country illegally. Something about "the crimes of the father"....

However, when it comes to reparations some here think we should hold people accountable for the crimes............er, come to think of it slavery wasn't an actual crime at the time.............of people from over a 150 years ago no matter if they had any ancestors who actually owned slaves.

I'm seeing a certain amount of hypocrisy here. Anyone else?

May 2012
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Yea, all of six seconds to type it and hit send. Wow, what a loss. You know what, make that 12 seconds for this one as well.
And that's another six seconds you are spending on something you think is stupid.

Most normal people simply move on.