GW post #41 WHY this fear of the N word???

Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
I’d say that racial profiling (Arpaio), sending your daughter to a segregation academy (Hyde-Smith), involvement in the white nationalist movement (Duke) and making racist remarks (Moore) are pretty good indicators of racism.
With the exception of Duke .....

Most would not.

Again ... you disagreeing with these politicians does not make them racist.
Nov 2006
David Duke is a life long Democrat who has just recently endorsed Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard.

The others are not racist.

Just because you disagree with them politically does not make it so.

I am not trying to say here that these same kind of characters haven't existed from time to time in the Republican Party.

But, when exposed ......

The Party has purged them.

The Democrat Party celebrates these people.

Across the board.

There are Democrats in Congress who are racist against white folks, black folks, Jewish People, ..... hell, you name it ... the Party has them all and are OK with that.

Watch the youtube video of Robert Byrd's funeral if you want to grasp just how respected Robert Byrd was.

This is fact.

Denying is really kind of silly.

I think a more interesting topic would be why someone would support a party that supports this level of racism.

One must really have to swallow a load of denial to do so.
The kkk has remained the implacable enemy not merely of civil rights for blacks, but for any minority, including gays and lesbians. Its activities have remained associated with violence of various kinds, including a broad gamut of hate crimes committed against every kind of non-white, or non-Christian, or for that matter non-conservative.

How come virtually every member of the kkk is conservative. How come the kkk supported trump?
Nov 2006
Lots of people reside in the Alt Left Universe and believe things that are not factual but, emotional based.

It really is the essence of what it is to be a Leftist.

Facts be damned.
Duke has remained a faithful Trump supporter, insisting that the Trumps policies line up with the former KKK leader’s vision for America.

Why would the countries most disgusting racist support Trump and say his policies line up with the kkk if he were not a fucking racist?
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