Hackers Attack Trump Hotels, Steal Credit Card Details and Personal Data

Dec 2015
In Your Heart!

And what's that about Feds now booking rooms at Trump hotels? Hmmm. They'd better watch out and rethink that one real carefully for their own good!


Hackers Attack Trump Hotels, Steal Credit Card Details and Personal Data
By Bogdan Popa

"Hackers breached the systems used by 14 different Trump Hotels properties between August 10, 2016 and March 9, 2017, managing to steal sensitive information like guests’ credit card details and other personal information."
"In a 9-page notification published on the official page, Trump Hotels informs customers that hackers managed to breach the systems of Sabre Hospitality Solutions (Sabre) and not its own systems, though it confirms that personal information has been exposed."
"Ironically, the Trump organization recently agreed to pay $50,000 to settle a case with the New York state after failing to inform customers about a security data breach. Hackers who attacked Trump Hotels in March 2016 managed to get access to approximately 70,000 credit cards and 300 Social Security numbers."


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I'm worried about Trump. Man, the stress is piling up daily. Good thing he has people laying hands on him in the White House.
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Jul 2014
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Putin must be really pissed at Donald right now. Putin has totally ruined Donald Trumps 'presidency'.

You lay with dogs...you get fleas.
Nov 2015
already a known story.

cyber attacks are occurring on everyone who is vulnerable.

they go after everyone.
The U.S. is losing the hacking war because they require recruits to pee in a cup. The rest of the world figured out a long time ago that creative people have always used something to alter their mind.
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