Harry & Meghan resigning from Royal Family

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Jul 2011
Found it

Haha. Two seasons. And the "Romanov" was a Francis Alexander Mathew, who resides in England.


Amateur hour.
Well, the original Romanovs were heavily intermarried with various European royalty, especially German. But, British too.

Plenty of em fled to London after the Bolshevik Revolution.

So, it is possible that one is a genuine descendant, sure :)
Nov 2015
It's unclear. But financial independence is the key to all of this. They want to be free of the taxpayers purse so they don't need to give access to the press under existing agreements.

So what sort of income are they planning? And they absolutely could not call it "Royal Sussex" in a Commonwealth country. But the US has no such law or understanding.
The tax payers purse is a misconception due to the profits of the Crown Estate each year going to the treasury. The Crown Estate was established by an Act of Parliament in 1961 which manages the land/portfolio of the Monarchy, some £16 billion. It employees hundreds of people, paying taxation etc.. The profit after taxation goes to the treasury (the tax payer) which is above £200m a year.

The other thing people don't realise is that the Monarchy attracts billions to the UK via tourism. So hotels, transport, shops etc.. benefit by a few billion each year.

So the Monarchy is essentially a business that generates a few billion at the cost of a few million and we have bakes wanting to scrap it. That's how thick some of our thickos are.

A bake is a stupid person.


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Dec 2010
Very comprehensive article on the latest.

LONDON — Queen Elizabeth II announced on Monday that she and the royal family were “entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life” and she had agreed to a “period of transition” during which the couple would split their time between Canada and Britain.

The queen wrote in a statement, “Although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working Members of the Royal Family, we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued part of my family.”

She cautioned there is more work to be done on the “complex matters for the family to decide” but said she expects final decisions to be made in the coming days.
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Feb 2015
Or whatever you want to call it:
on my part i am very disappointed. The romantic in me was hoping our girl megan was going to shine brightly in the royal family firm. I was hopping for and american girl to become english royalty. I was hoping for the first mixed race person to stand as a senior royal. I was hoping that a mixed race boy of slave decent would stand in line for the english thrown.

that being said i understand why megan wants to bolt. Megan wants to be an A-list celebrity, not royalty.
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Aug 2018