Has anyone seen the scanning robots in Wal-Mart?

Mar 2019
Designed to strictly act as tools for the company instead of interaction points for customers, the robots have one job and one job only: to scan shelves searching for out-of-stock items. Human employees still need to replenish missing items located by the robot, but the scanning itself eliminates a major time sucker for the shop personnel.

One of the main concerns robotics company Bossa Nova faced when designing Walmart’s shelf-scanning robots was ensuring seamless integration amongst human shoppers and employees. Neither group has been overly comfortable with the robots so far, as employees fear for their jobs and customers aren’t quite sure how to interact with the 6-foot-tall robots. According to The Washington Post, “many Walmart workers said they had long feared robots would one day take their jobs, but they had not expected this strange transition era in which they are working alongside machines that can be as brittle, clumsy and easily baffled by the messy realities of big-box retail as a human worker can be.”

Walmart's Scanning Robots Are Taking Over Store Aisles

I was shopping on an aisle and when I turned around it had stopped next to me. Startled me for a moment.
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Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Havent seen those yet but our local grocery store has orange robots that go up and down and do all the work in the back warehouse. They unload the trucks too. Pretty amazing stuff.
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