Hate Crime Hoax Number 10,001???

Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
There’s a camera showing him with the noose ....and the bruises are alljusy make up, right? What do you think you would motivate him to go through all this? He doesn’t need the publicity. Being black in being gay makes him a target with your ilk
There is no evidence.

And, you can't post a link saying otherwise.

You are spewing racist hatred towards innocent people based on a hoax and we all know it.
Oct 2014
I saw that...

When I was young and idealist, I thought of a law where if one fraudulently accuses a person of a crime, that the accuser should face the penalty for what the accused would have faced. Now, I don't mean like "this person did that" where "that" actually happened and they were mistaken on the person but more where the "that" provably did not happen.

Anyway, apparently they really want to see his phone now. I would hope that if it turns out he faked the story that it will be handled appropriately.

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