Hate Group Leader: If Cory Booker Is Gay, He Is Disqualified From Being Prez


Former Staff
Feb 2010
A couple of talking points:

1. Citing the racist hate group Southern Poverty Law Center is asinine on it's very face. Just look at the bigoted RACIST way it treated the American Family Association.
That's funny. Did they actually say anything about AFA that wasn't factually true? How are they "racist?"

2. How do we know earlier presidents WEREN'T homosexuals? What would sexual preference have to do with their performance? (Yeah, I know. Clinton was a rapist and a sexual predator and a lousy president at the same time.0
Who cares? Not sure what that has to do with this topic.

3. Why is it whenever some fringe alt-right group vomits ignorance from some obscure source that liberals actually took time from work (maybe) to research and dig up, most of America (mainstream conservative taxpayers) are all painted with the same brush? That's just ignorance off the charts.
I have no idea what this sentence means.

Then again, liberals have proven over and over again that they are morons.
Insults is all you got, huh?