Hatred of journalists turning to violence, watchdog warns

Jul 2011
You provide the answer.
Why are you afraid of answering? You accused me of it, I am just making sure I understand you right.

If there is some forum rule against stating so and that's what's making you hesitant, I state here right now to any mod, if anyone reports him for doing so NA (no action) it as I am asking him out of sincere curiosity if he truly believe this as it's fascinating.

Now, please, tell me do you think I am a troll sent here by the russians as you basically already stated.
Oct 2014
Foreign Trump Trolls don't have to "support", it's their JOB to "support" him.

Trump and even those that voted for Trump admit they didn't vote for Trump because of most of what he represents.

Most people are intelligent enough to spot the trolls and the BS. That doesn't stop the Trump Trolls and the Trump chumps from doing their thing "supporting" Trump. no matter what. If the same propaganda machine that got Trump an EC win and a popular vote loss of 2.8 million can't repeat that, then that tactic may become abandoned, showing at least some Trump Trolls "to the door"......along with Trump. Maybe even some extradition deals......
LMAO - Everyone you don't like is a russian bot.

The claim that Trump was Putin's "cock holster" and similar, now proven to be baseless, claims that are ultimately what allowed the election to remain as close as it was.

Oh, and BTW - when the score on the board is based on electoral votes, not popular votes, that's like trying to say "I know we lost the game, but we had more passing yards"... nobody cares about that except maybe as a side bet.
Dec 2018
Your sarcasm aside ... yes. People get angry at journalists because populist authoritarians - like Trump - do not like being accurately reported on. Trump has declared our free press an enemy of the people. Journalists have little to no skin in the game, which is not true of people who wish to exercise limitless and unquestioned power. A free press is only a threat to tyrants, or at least to would-be tyrants. Examples of people who hate a free press (i.e., that reports negatively upon them): Kim; Putin; Xi Jinping; Trump - all authoritarians.
I think it would be fair to acknowledge that the media has not exactly been an “unbiased reporter of facts.” It never was. It was about selling a story and add space. The show “Turn” did a wonderful job of explaining how the press worked in the early days.
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