Have Conservatives Evolved or Grown Regarding Treatment of Women in Politics?


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Jan 2008
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Over the past few years, the comments from many conservatives on the physical appearance of women in and around the political world has drastically changed for the better. We've gone from non-stop remarks about Hillary Clinton's "cankles", her wardrobe and her being a "hag" to self-righteous defense of Sarah Huckabee Sanders when a comedian was wrongly accused of attacking her for her looks. Nancy Pelosi was routinely raked over the coals for plastic surgery while Melania Trump has been defended that "if" she's had any work done, that's her choice. And speaking of first ladies, who can forget the obscene remarks leveled at Michelle Obama over the years, ranging from racist monkey comparisons, to discussions about her hips to charges that she's really a man.

The appearance of growth by those conservatives who once participated in that behavior and who now have morphed into defenders, or at least tolerators, of women is admirable. But is it growth? Or is it just garden variety partisan hypocrisy?

I look forward to the variety of opinions this topic will garner.

This serious topic for debate was inspired by this thread here: https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?ur...share_tid=198079&share_fid=64712&share_type=t
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She talked about her makeup not her looks.
Making fun of someone else's appearance was a pretty bold card to play for someone as unfortunate looking as Michelle Wolf. But I guess when you're as unfunny as her, you do what you can to get by.
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Jul 2014
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Trump trashed Carly Fiarino's looks and the GOP did not miss a beat. Did he trash her because the left called out Paula Jones looks?

What a dumbass theory.
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