He called her "that word" because he was having a bad day.


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See - I've had bad days? I've never gone on a racist rant.

Ayoka Pond, a spokesperson for Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, where Thomas worked, said in a statement to Heavy, “We are aware of the confrontation captured on video involving one of our off duty employees at a local donut shop. We take this situation very seriously. This employee’s language and behavior does not represent our organization’s values and his employment has been terminated.”

Pond added, “We want our patients, employees, physicians and our community to know that we find the language used in the video to be completely unacceptable and inconsistent with what we expect from employees or anyone associated with our organization. We are committed to a work environment that is inclusive and where everyone is respected and valued.”

Thomas, a 35-year-old Brandon, Mississipp, resident, deleted his social media after he was identified by social media users. Before he deleted his Facebook page, he wrote a statement saying, “I am so sorry, there is nothing I can say that will change what I said. I drove back up there and tried to apologize and she had gone. I regret every word that I said there is no excuse to every say these horrible things. I only hope that by me sharing a public apology in this incident you could show me some grace. I was upset about another issue and it spilled over into this and I can’t apologize enough.”
And if he thought he was having a bad day before, I wonder how he feels now that he's unemployed?


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