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Apr 2012
After just listening to a very good discussion on a senate Hearing on health care in rural areas.

Bernie Samders and the Doctor , Deberal Richter from Vermont both want Medicare for all. They discussed the fact of treating patients early to keep them healthy. They talked about Diabetes being controlled. People lose limbs,eye sight,etc. from uncontrolled diabetes.

They discussed Telecommunications being important, but many of those rural areas do have broadband. Doubtful if many of those Seniors in rural areas have computers.

The Doctor talked about inflated Drug costs.

In my case I have many Doctors, a new branch of a Hospital where Doctors, Specialists, tests, cancer treatments,Eye surgery, hospital beds are all in one combined area.Emergency Care

Medicine is expanding so rapidly it is hard to keep up. In my case I can go online,read my tests, get a Doctors advice. My new Doctor is in that building. I can be seen the same day if I need him. There are several Doctors. I can also get advice online. This is not possible for many. The Doctor talked about basic health care being the most important problem to be solved.

But this is not possible in rural areas.Senator Enzi is in a very rural area, but it was clear he does not want one system. He complained about the VA that may have problems but Veterans do not want to give it up. That also had nothing to do with the discussion. The rest of the panel simply complained about not being reimbursed.

Hospitals are closing all over. A lot because they are simply obsolete. Our largest closed for that reason and the beds were half empty.

I know many of you live in rural areas with few Doctors,one Insurance company. I would like to hear from those of you who can discuss solutions.
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Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Access will be the most important thing. I have senior friends who must go two hours to see a doctor that takes Medicare. Some of them no longer drive so they cant always find a way to get there so they dont even go. Rural care is dreadful and especially for older people that need specialists and more care its almost impossible for them. I know other countries have experimented with new doctors setting up travel clinics and such in these areas. Basically they go to the local fire station or library and have a place where they can see patients for routine things. It allows them to get seen and get prescriptions and care.

I think for rural areas the big thing isnt cost anymore but finding a doctor or care center nearby. One of our former colleagues has cancer and has had such a hard time with Medicare because she cant find a doctor within 3 hours to see her. She was forced to get one of those motel rooms with a kitchen near Boston just to get treatment. Her family lives up here and they just couldnt get time away from work to be with her or get her to appts. She was alone in a big city by herself just to get treated. Her doctor said one of the big things with cancer is having a support group and being so far away from home she didnt have one.

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