Health insurance through work now costs nearly $20,000


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Jan 2008
The private sector health-care insurance model has been broken for decades. That's why we passed PPACA, which was little more than a baby step in the right direction, and that's why every other modern nation on the planet has already instituted a UHC system.
We will never have UHC while the Republicans have much power in Congress and control the WH.
We average Americans have a chance ro fight back on 11/6 and stop the GOP class warfare!
Apr 2015
Healthcare costs were increasing long before Obama took office. However, the rate of annual increases DROPPED with Obamacare. Furthermore, Obamacare ensured that people could not be denied coverage for "pre-existing conditions" - a provision endorsed by conservatives AND progressives.

Don't take my word for it... Check out the link below. Search for the string: Health Care Costs by Year

Look at the table - see the average annual increases BEFORE the ACA was signed, and the average annual increases AFTER the ACA was signed.

See for Yourself If Obamacare Increased Health Care Costs
The recession slowed the growth of health care costs.

What in Obamacare are you claiming lowered health care costs?
Sep 2013
On a hill
I had no idea the price tag to the employer has increased to this level. Wow. Another thing to consider, all of the Countries where jobs were relocated, have universal coverage and the employers don't worry about it. Maybe we could keep more jobs in the Country if employers did not worry about this.
It would give entrepreneurs a leg up, and put small businesses in a better position to compete for employees.
Sep 2013
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It is important to understand that when discussing the ACA, the discussion pertains to the payment for health care, not the cost of health care.
The payment system has made the actual cost of health care opaque. I doubt anyone actually knows what the cost is.
Sep 2013
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The problem then becomes, what happens to these 200,000 people? They lose their jobs in an industry that will be gone. Multiply that by their spouses, kids, families and we have millions on the unemployment line. Its very similar to defense. Remember what Eisenhower said about letting that get too big? Many warned the same would happen with healthcare. Now we have senators saying we cant have UHC because they will lose too many jobs in their state. Imagine a senator from CT voting for insurance companies to go away? The insurance state? Thats the real issue and its why we still have the bloated defense budget. Nobody wants to lose those jobs in their states.
Hmmm - do they worry about cashiers losing their jobs to self check out?

Actually 200,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the number of job losses during the recession, and the economy is booming now with new jobs created every day.