Health insurance through work now costs nearly $20,000

Sep 2013
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Nov 2006
It is important to understand that when discussing the ACA, the discussion pertains to the payment for health care, not the cost of health care.
It's also important to note that what you have to pay for healthcare is what it costs you. It's also important to note that regardless of how fucked up the ACA is or how much more trump fucked up it got after the dumbshit got his hands on it, healthcare costs are starting to push 20 fucking thousand dollars for a family. Maybe you only pay a small portion and your employer pays you 10k less than he otherwise could (because he's got to pay for you), but you pay all of it. And when that cost is going up 5-10 percent per/yr how is the employer going to be able to afford to give you a raise? Anyone can sit here and argue why but the important point is, it is, and there is really only one way to fix it.

I remember making the argument 8-10 yrs ago, on this site, that typically the largest bill the American family has is their mortgage and if we didn't get a grip on healthcare, it would replace the mortgage as the biggest expense. We're there. I guess the next milestone will be when your premiums become bigger than your salary.


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What in the ACA has slowed the rate of increase?

6% is 3 times the inflation current inflation rate.
Yes, it's greater than the inflation rate. And it used to be 10x the inflation rate. The ACA brought it down under 3x. Not ideal - but not negligible either.

This article summarizes it well; here's an excerpt:

Analysis of the ACA’s effects on cost containment rests on three concepts: first, that any provisions affecting only the individual market can have little effect on overall health spending, because only 6% of people under age 65 are in that market; second, that the slowing of the trajectory of health care spending predates the ACA and complicates analysis of its effects; and third, that while increased utilization of health care due to the ACA’s coverage expansion drove cost growth in the early years, health care prices will likely exert a powerful influence on the trajectory of health care costs over the long run.
Nov 2006
If the UHC is a government owned and operated system, it will be financed via taxation or some other form of payment to the government.
That's right, payroll deductions with go up tenfold or more.

I must assume that your perception does not include any increase or amendment to corporate or business taxation in order to finance the program.
Nope, employer doesn't pay jack shit for your insurance. If he is paying 15k for your insurance that's now part of your salary.

If the business must provide a dollar payment to the government how can it give that same dollar to employees through salary increases.
Because he isn't giving any dollar payment to the govt, you are.

The only funds that would be available for salary adjustments would be the difference between the current business costs through self insurance or premium payments and the tax or other funds to the government. Personally, I wouldn't count on that.
No, the funds would be there because he isn't paying for your healthcare. And if you think the payroll deductions will be too severe you need to be taking into account that 15k/yr raise you just got.

you can argue all you what but.....

in 2013, the average US citizen spent about $9,086 on healthcare. That’s about 50 percent more than a citizen of Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland or the United Kingdom. While there are many reasons for this unfortunate reality, one factor is administrative costs in US healthcare
And that was 2013, now 5 yrs later we are seeing double that $9,000 number.
Nov 2006
Universal Healthcare? If it is paid for by your tax dollars, then the government will be deciding who gets what care. I have a choice with my current insurance. I can choose a different plan or different company.
bullshit, you have taken the company your employer has decided upon your entire life and they tell you whats covered. This is about the sorriest excuse the right comes up with.
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Nov 2006
Great. Doesn't change the fact that not a single Republican voted for it. This is owned by the Democrats. If they wanted something else, they should have passed something else.
And if repubs wanted to repeal it they could have. It also doesn't change the fact that for a family health insurance is pushing 20k/yr. Your fucking babbling about the ACA is not going to change that.