Health Secretary Tom Price making BS argument

Sep 2016
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I am just watching Tom Price on CNN right now talking with Tapper on State of the Union this morning.
As I am listening to Tom Price, this guy is talking in circles. Asked how tax cuts to Medicaid wouldn't hurt children his answer is that the State would be in control on how to use them. Wtf? How exactly are you supposed to pay your bills when you get less money that already wasn't enough to cover your costs. This guy, Price, is just double talking. That's why Republican governors are against the bill, they know double talk when they hear it.

Explanation from Republican Governor Kasich: The Bill will eliminate medicaid expansion in 2020=most people will cycle off the program by getting work and so on=these people will not be able to go back on medicaid after that when they need to after that.The tax credits for these people will be what? An average of a $3,000 to $4,000 per year. What does a $3 or $4,000 per year policy buy you? Coverage of these policies will not likely be adequate to meet their basic health care needs. Then these people have no where to go if they can't get back on medicaid. These people will end up going to emergency which is something that this was suppose to avoid.
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Republicans know they're trying to sell a shit sandwich. They're shameless and disgusting.
Jul 2013
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They will never admit the entire scam was just to enable the trillion dollar tax cut for billionaires.
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Apr 2012
I missed Price,just coming in from Church. But I sure heard what Kasich said!

I do not care what he says,that guy is running for President in 2020. Imagine,a Real Conservative Republican. Kasich certainl has grown since his first election. Listening him the last few weeks almost shows a magical change.

BTW, how about those 80 Nigerian girls? I could just see that Nigerian Pastor that visited our Church,jumping up and down in Praise.