"Heaven Help Us In The Next Financial Crisis"

Jan 2016
The TARP spending on banks took place during GWB, Wall Street banks aren't the stock market and went on to report record profits in 2009, they were stable when Obama took office.

The economy bottomed out during Q4 2008 and it was improving when Obama took office and started growing again on its own in June 2009.
Again, nothing but UTTER BULLSHIT from our resident propagandist. The economy did NOT 'bottom out' during Q4 2008. And all you need to do to confirm that is to look at real GDP growth numbers for the first and second quarters of 2009, which were BOTH negative, meaning the economy was still very much in the depths of the Great Recession during the first half of 2009. Why are you lying about this? Banks were profitable again by the END of 2009, only because of our MASSIVE interventions in the first half of the year. They were most certainly NOT stable when Obama took office. Anyone who has read Ben Bernanke's memoir on the crisis knows you are out of your mind when you say such a thing. As I noted, manufacturing was in the throes of a GLOBAL collapse when Obama took office. Would you like the link again on that?

And, once again, you COMPLETELY ignore the effects of ARRA on the economy, and the ENORMOUS surge in consumer confidence which followed, a surge that DWARFS the surge in consumer confidence that you like to brag about, that followed upon Trump's election, and then petered out after he actually took office.