Heidi Cruz,, advisor to Condi Rice's staff, wrote this.

Jan 2015
Read the paper.... tell me what you come away with.

I didn't write, I just read it...
I read it. I think it's a great idea. And nothing to do with NWO. But that won't keep the crazies away...

I wonder, again, if Ted went ballistic over this quote?

"We are three liberal democracies; we are adjacent; we are already intertwined economically; we have a great deal in common historically; culturally, we have a lot to learn from one another."

lol...Did he spank Heidi????
Apr 2012
Did you read it? the recommendation by people like Willliam Weld and others is to have the US and Canada fund the poorer sections of Mexico, also advocated the mandatory teaching of three languages (English of course, Spanish and French) in all schools in the North America continent countries...

Now, there might be some merit in that, but doesn't it go against everything the current sensibilities are in the GOP?
Why would you liberals have a problem with that? This is his wife and not him. What has Ted said about it?

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