Herman Cain condemns Obama for cancelling the Space Shuttle program

Jun 2011
well, Cain seems to think we have enough money for a space program.
We do.

It's a military obligation.

End welfare, which has no Constitutional foundation, and fund a proper and modern national defense.

Obama killed the Constellation program, which was intended to replace Shutte.

That was part of Obama's plan to do as much damage to the United States as he possibly could in the four years he'll be in office.
Jun 2011
why start now?

next, he'll be calling Obama a "traitor" and a "cut-n'-run Liberal" for pulling out the troops from Iraq...even though it was Bush who set the timetable.


You people do so love to lie with half-truths.

The Bush time-table recognized the need to re-negotiate the troop placement before the end of the year. The Iraqis were aware of that as well.

US troops will be leaving Iraq for one reason, and one reason only: Obama has committed to most egregious diplomatic failure since Wilson dragged us into WWI. He failed to negotiate effectively, and, as a result, he, the Obama, has lost the Iraq Republic for which so many Americans died for. Not bad for a clown who like to pretend Iran wasn't building nuclear weapons and that he could talk to Akhmadinijad (whatever) "with no preconditions".

Who Lost Iraq
And it’s not as if that deadline snuck up on Obama. He had three years to prepare for it. Everyone involved, Iraqi and American, knew that the 2008 SOFA calling for full U.S. withdrawal was meant to be renegotiated. And all major parties but one (the Sadr faction) had an interest in some residual stabilizing U.S. force, like the postwar deployments in Japan, Germany and Korea.

Three years, two abject failures. The first was the administration’s inability, at the height of American post-surge power, to broker a centrist nationalist coalition governed by the major blocs — one predominantly Shiite (Maliki’s), one predominantly Sunni (Ayad Allawi’s), one Kurdish — that among them won a large majority (69 percent) of seats in the 2010 election.

Vice President Biden was given the job. He failed utterly. The government ended up effectively being run by a narrow sectarian coalition where the balance of power is held by the relatively small (12 percent) Iranian-client Sadr faction.

The second failure was the SOFA itself. U.S. commanders recommended nearly 20,000 troops, considerably fewer than our 28,500 in Korea, 40,000 in Japan and 54,000 in Germany. The president rejected those proposals, choosing instead a level of 3,000 to 5,000 troops.

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