High-ranking Orthodox cleric denounces iconic Soviet movie lol

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Jul 2011
Metropolitan (like Cardinal for Catholics) Mark of Ryazan, shown here with Patriarch Kirill, head of Russian Orthodox Church

He just caused a great brouhaha, but denouncing, in a video address to his believers
the famous 1975 Soviet film "Irony of Fate or Have a Great Steam"

The esteemed Metropolitan feels the film is anathema to any good Christians, as it promotes infidelity and loose relationships.

The movie is a romantic comedy.

It is about a young doctor, Evgeniy (Zhenya) Lukashin, who is due to marry a girl named Galya in Moscow as New Year holidays are also coming up

Thing is, he doesn't even really love her, he is basically only getting married because his stern mother is haranguing him into it

Well, shortly before New Year and his wedding, Zhenya goes to a sauna with his buddies (a perfectly normal, popular, and not at all gay activity for men over there lol), and they get really drunk there, I mean, wasted

BTW, yes, they served beer in public saunas in Soviet Union

and still do in modern Russia :D

One of them is supposed to fly off to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) that night; but they are so drunk (and in those days nobody checked documents or anything on domestic flights), it is Zhenya who ends up put on the plane instead!
Thus, he ends up in Leningrad. Only, he is still so drunk, he has no idea he is now in a different city haha

At the airport in Leningrad, he stumbles into a taxi

He gives the driver his Moscow address, and the guy drives him there (yes, in Leningrad)

Something to understand about Soviet urban planning, at that time (late 60s, early to mid-70s): they built a LOT of identical new apartment block neighborhoods in every Soviet city back then, and I mean identical: identical names, identical buildings, identical apartments with identical complimentary furniture inside, and even, no joke, identical fucking locks on the doors! So, when he told the driver to take him to a recently built neighborhood called Cheryomushki, the fella drove him there, only it is Leningrad Cheryomushki, instead of Moscow Cheryomushki! But he, in his inebriated state, still has no idea where he actually is :D

Long story short, he gets into an apartment (not his own, but he doesn't notice, because it looks more or less like his own), and just falls asleep on a couch, until the apartment's actual owner, a remarkably beautiful school teacher Nadya Shevelyova shows up
who is played, btw, by Polish actress Barbara Brylska, who was perhaps the Socialist Camp's biggest sex icon in that decade at least

Now, if you are a woman and you come in and find a drunk man you never seen before asleep in your home? You call the cops, right? Not in Soviet Russia haha

I'm not gonna go through the whole movie here, but, long story short, Zhenya ends up getting into a fight with Ippolit, Nadya's fiancee, some kind of typical Party official, and real asshole, like most of them were

Nadya then dumps Ippolit

and Zhenya calls to Moscow to tell his Galya that their wedding is off too

and they celebrate New Year together and get married and live happily ever after

It is a beloved holiday classic in Russia, around New Year it is on every channel and every family watches it together lol Few years ago, a sequel came out (with many of the old cast reprising their roles), where, if I remember correctly, Zhenya and Nadya's daughter ends up thrown together with Galya's son in similar circumstances, also around New Year, only in modern Moscow; neither of them aware of their parents history haha

In fact, so popular it is, even the Church got, frankly, scared of a backlash over Metropolitan Mark's comments, so much so, that Vladimir Legoida, the Church's official media spokesman

just issued a statement distancing the Church from Mark's comments, that, basically, he was voicing his own personal opinion and not speaking for the Church: В РПЦ заступились за «Иронию судьбы»

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