High rise apartment fires

May 2006
Nothing new here. Just more of the same: frightened cowering bugs pointing fingers at scary things and blaming anything they can find because pretending they have the answer to everything soothes their nightmares a tiny bit.

People so overcome by a crushing fear that they would literally rather hurt or even kill another person than give up that maybe they don't have all the answers, and maybe they aren't really sure what's going on all the time. Will actually beat the war drum until war or genocide is underway because turning back means surrendering to the honesty of uncertainty.

These same sad, pathetic souls have been the fuel for fear and hate and violence throughout recorded history.
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Jul 2014
The "Torch Tower" seems aptly named.

Two big fires in 2 1/2 years.

Why would anyone live in that building after that history?
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Sep 2007
N48 51.489 E2 17.67119
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Feb 2010
Sunny Bournemouth, Dorset
The Torch tower fires appear to stay on the outside. Nobody dies, at least.


Oct 2009
Grenfell Tower's causes are well understood at this point and have provoked some genuine concern at installations worldwide --- it would seem that some companies have been manufacturing a cladding substance that was known to be highly flammable, and selling it for cheap, and nobody asked questions. It's really kinda asbestos-level decisionmaking, a massive fraud against public safety. I hope someone gets held to account for it, but I have my doubts. "Oh we knew, but we didn't *know* ..." You're gonna hear that a lot.

Beyond that, fire is a fact of life in any given city, just as much as it is a problem in nature. You should never trust your refrigerator, your oven or your dryer... if they're not cleaned, basically maintained and replaced every so often, each can easily burn your place down. Less often, wiring craps out and you're just screwed, if you live in an old enough dwelling, it was going to happen under the strain of modern electrical demand at some point.

Static defenses --- fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers and fire doors, in the main --- end the problem in a lot of cases before it gets out of hand and into the news. When towers get ever taller and sometimes static defenses fail, the fire department is going to struggle because they have no ladders that high and access to the fire may be cut off.

Despite all of this very serious subject matter, it is kinda funny that the Torch tower has been ablaze more than once. Like, who came up with that name, and are they familiar with either Murphy or Karma?