Hillary Clinton reveals her greatest weakness and it’s OUR fault

Apr 2011
Under your skin
theSkimm daily e-mail newsletter has a profile up today on Hillary Clinton where she reveals to the world what she thinks is her greatest weakness.
And surprise! Her greatest weakness is that she’s “impatient,” but it’s our fault because we don’t understand what’s she’s trying to do to make the country great:

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Don’t ask me to translate what Hillary means by, “…what I think it’s going to take to make our country great tomorrow just like we were yesterday.” because I haven’t got a clue.


Former Staff
Aug 2012
I bet when she lets out big fart in one of her meetings, she expects everyone to take a big whiff and go:

"DAMN, that smells good, please pass another!"

"GREAT air freshener, your highness!"

"Smells like a Summer Day!"

"Can I kiss it?"
Apr 2011
Under your skin
Actually, her greatest weakness is that people with IQ's can see her for what she has consistently revealed about herself.....
She is also counting on the gullibility of Democratic voters which is clearly evidence by the two times they elected Obama.