Hoaxes and "fake news" related to FL HS shooting

Sep 2012
Florida school shooting: Hoaxes, doctored tweets and Russian bots spread false news

The hours after the mass shooting at a Florida high school followed a now familiar trajectory on the Internet: web sites published hastily sourced conclusions about the shooter, and pranksters shared false photos of victims and the suspect.

But the aftermath of the killing of 17 in Parkland, Fla. Wednesday took a slightly different turn this time — one reporter's tweets were doctored and retweeted to make it appear she had been asking slanted questions. Another tweet making the rounds pretended to show a popular news website's article. It had been doctored, too.

These added to the more standard fabricated stories and hoaxes that have become a common occurrence in the wake of a national tragedy.

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Dang.. that Gateway Pundit website is pushing a lot of faked news. bastards. I hope they get shut down by its provider.
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