(Holy S) Politico delegate survey: TRUMP LACKS THE VOTES

Jul 2015
Okay guys, I do NOT know their rules. (I don't know my own arcane DNC rules). But this is most interesting. I know at least one LAWSUIT has been filed (a 'conscientious objector' so to speak). I know the RULES COMMITTEE, kinda like ours, sets their own rules and agenda for each convention. And like our own, theoretically SHOULD vote for the choice of their electorate, however, I don't think they are 'bound' to. (Ours are more bound). Anyway take at look at this...

POLITICO delegate survey: Dump Trump lacks the votes

The presumptive nominee’s foes appear to be outnumbered on the panel they’d hoped would pave the way to a new nominee.
By KYLE CHENEY 06/24/16 06:35 PM EDT

The Trump campaign has enjoyed the full backing of the RNC since Ted Cruz left the race. It’s had access for weeks to lists of convention delegates and has begun building a team of more than 150 staff members and volunteers intended to work the convention floor, as well as the rules committee.

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Republicans looking to dump Donald Trump at next month’s convention at next month’s convention have passion, energy and a fierce sense that their party will suffer unless Trump is unseated. What they appear to lack, however, are the votes to make it happen.

POLITICO reached out to all 112 members of the committee that will write the rules of the national GOP convention. This is the panel that anti-Trump activists hope to jam a proposal through to free convention delegates to spurn Trump and select another candidate instead.

What emerged from the survey, though, is a portrait of a committee with little interest in the dump Trump crowd. In fact, most members may be eager to stop them.

“I support DJT 100%,” said Alabama rules committee member Laura Payne in an email. “I ran to support … Trump & to represent the voters of Alabama. It may or may not be an attempt, but the voters will prevail.”

"Trying to change the rules in mid-game because you don't like the outcome is tantamount to saying you are going to take your ball and go home because you are losing," said Christine Serrano-Glassner, a Rules Committee delegate from New Jersey. "I will be supporting our Nominee, Donald J. Trump."

It was a common sentiment. Among the 32 committee members who responded, 25 said they would fight efforts to stop Trump’s nomination. Another 33 members of the panel have been previously on record as endorsing Trump or rejecting efforts to rip the nomination away from him at the convention...

POLITICO delegate survey: Dump Trump lacks the votes - POLITICO
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