House vote was a scam

Apr 2012
Lol. They did exactly what you guys wanted. You demanded an official vote to open impeachment proceedings. That’s what they did.

Now you’re predictably still throwing a hissyfit and saying the vote was bad for reasons.
Where was the vote on an official impeachment proceeding?
Apr 2012
Number one, the hearings currently are being held by the Intelligence Committee and some of the things being discussed are classified. That's not unusual for the Intelligence Committee. When the hearings become public they will be held by the Judiciary Committee. Second, this is like the grand jury phase of an investigation. Grand Juries are ALWAYS behind closed doors. Third, if there was any testimony thus far that is favorable to Trump the Republicans on the Intelligence Committee would have leaked it by now.
There is no proof anything is classified


Apr 2010
Exhibit A that nothing would ever be good enough. There’s always going to be some excuse why not to cooperate

Step 1. Demand the democrats hold a vote to start the impeachment inquiry

Step 2. Bitch endlessly about the lack of a vote. Never address the substance of the investigation. Only bitch about how the lack of a vote makes it a soviet state or whatever other dumb bullshit you can think of

Step 3. Democrats will inevitably hold a vote because they easily have the votes and they can rub it in your face

Step 4. Complain endlessly about the vote. It wasn’t the right vote. Bitch endlessly about how a vote by democratically elected representatives on a constitutional procedure actually makes them soviets
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