Housing starts fell unexpectedly in July

Feb 2010
There were also some positive signals in Thursday's report. New permits for building homes rose 6.8 percent in July to a 812,000 unit pace, the highest rate since August 2008


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Dec 2006
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hahahaha they were up slightly from one of the lowest points ever. Thanks. That's "progress". Hey think inflation had anything to do with that happy horse shit?
Mar 2012
It's hardly unexpected, I think most rational people expect fewer people buying a new house when food is expected to cost 15% more and gas might go up another 10-15% as well. Plus, most people start buying houses in their 20-30's except that those people still owe on student loans and won't be able to buy a house. And there are , BTW fewer gen-Y people than boomers, so why would they pay to build a house when they can buy a used one when a boomer goes to the nursing home?
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Apr 2012
They are building new neighborhood all around me, yet the established neighborhoods "for sale" homes remain unsold.

Why anyone would buy a house that goes up in less than 3 weeks is beyond me.