How Big Pharma rips us off

Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
Big Pharma's Latest Trick Is Combining Cheap Generic Drugs into Insanely Expensive Single Tablets
One common way to save on sky-rocketing prescription drug costs is to go with the generic version, when available. But now, drug companies—not content with simply nickel-and-dimming consumers on brand name drugs—have found a new way to cash in on the cheaper prescriptions.

Pharmaceutical companies like Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc. are selling tablets that combine inexpensive generic drugs into single tablets that are then priced hundreds of dollars higher than the individual medications, the Wall Street Journal reports.
Whether the patient is paying out of pocket, or whether the government or the health insurance is paying most of the cost, this is still an outrageous ripoff.

Most people don't even know what their medications cost, as the real cost is subsidized in one way or another, but whether it's tax money or money from health care premiums, there still is no free lunch.