How Capitalism Works.


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I wonder how many of the youngsters can properly use a compass or read a topographical map?
To be honest I wasn't introduced to either until my land nav courses in the army.

I've taught my 10-yr-old about land features, how to read them, where water and wind are most likely to be found. We haven't messed with a compass or map yet, I think it'd be a lot of fun though. Maybe in the spring.
Apr 2018
Also, I heard something about UPS that is probably still true. They have full time workers. But they are able to get away with calling them temporary workers. So the company can get away with giving them less in benefits.
If true, are the workers free to take their valuable delivery skills elsewhere if they don't agree with the pay structure offered?


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I own 3 different businesses.

I know 4 things for certain.

1. My employees are here of their own free will.

2. I do play a lot in taxes, relative to what I take home.

3. Capitalism isn't perfect, and I don't know who claims it is.

4. Most importantly imo.

Hard working, motivated employees have an opportunity to learn the business which is an opportunity unique to capitalism. It gives people a chance to excel professionally and profit financially.

Most people don't seem to be motivated to excel professionally which is fine, there is a place in capitalism for them too.

The complaint with capitalism which I see most often is in the OP, it's a fair criticism I think because most people don't want to take the risks associated with ownership or invest the time required to profit from within a company. If most people feel that way (for the sake of argument I'll say they do) then it's fair to say they should be accommodated if possible.

As a society we attempt to accommodate these people by offering a welfare system which includes all of the basic necessities required to survive. The law also allows for many different sorts of filings which can allow people to profit at leisure, such as independent contractors and with the proliferation of internet there are all sorts of income opportunities.

To use an analogy, if the guy rowing the boat doesn't approve of his contract he's free to buy his own boat, or he can jump out and become a professional swimmer, maybe it doesn't pay as well but at least he can be his own man.

Idk, maybe someone has a better suggestion?
I feel your pain.

I'm not arguing against your post, but I still think the OP makes a valid point.

Sure it's over the top when you look at it from where you and I sit (we both employ people).

But for this discussion, I'm not sure your business or my business are exactly "capitalism." We're free-market businesses for which people can choose to work or quit.

I see the OP as addressing a more global cause and effect manifesting in vast income disparity. On my best day, I pay myself about double what I pay employees, plus I keep a big chunk of any profits we earn...or not. At Walmart, it's a little less equitable.

No question, I want to be rich and when I get it, I won't feel guilty for a minute, but I think we need to be mindful of the contributions of LIVES that workers make to our wealth.

A little bit of a side note: here's the scariest capitalism depiction I've seen in a while:


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