How Capitalist Is Singapore Really?

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
The case of Singapore is more than just a funny gotcha to use against right-wingers. It actually raises an interesting question about what it is people care about when it comes to “capitalism” and “socialism.” Is capitalism primarily about markets or private ownership? Relatedly, is socialism primarily about ending markets or promoting collective ownership? Often these things are bundled together, but they are logically and practically separable. Singapore (and Norway, among others) shows that it is quite possible to collectively own the means of production while also using price systems to assist in the allocation of productive factors. This is what market socialists have been saying for a hundred years.
How Capitalist Is Singapore Really?
May 2016
Seems to me comparing the US to Singapore is a bit of a stretch and I'm wondering if something like the Peoples Policy Project would be permitted in Singapore?
Feb 2011
Boise, ID
I remember Singapore being brought up often when health care and insurance were a hotter topic. If you live in the middle of Singapore you're less than 16 miles away from 100% of the nation's health care providers. Pretty hard to compare a health care system premised on some semblance of competition in a place where you can drive from one side of the country to the other in a day to a country that spans four time zones and is littered with tens of thousands of geographically isolated rural communities. If one of our cities (e.g. New York) managed its own entirely independent health care system, maybe we could compare that to Singapore. But not the United States of America.

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