How Clueless Straight White Guys Excuse Religious Homophobia

Jul 2013
Here’s an interesting article about the Masterpiece Cakes case.

How Clueless Straight White Guys Excuse Religious Homophobia

I think it’s a bit unfortunate that the author chose to frame his article in terms of “straight white guys versus the world.” But, that understandable and forgivable lapse aside, the article presents rather good take-downs of most of the arguments we’ve heard about why the Colorado cake-maker ought to prevail. Specifically, the author rebuts the following arguments:

Argument No. 1: It’s just cake; buy it somewhere else;

Argument No. 2: It’s not like we’re condoning something as bad as racial discrimination;

Argument No. 3: It would have been so much kinder if the gays had just been neighborly and courteous about all this, even though the baker wasn’t. The gay couple acted like nasty bullies (while also being whiny, litigious victims);

Argument No. 4: Be patient and let the political process of persuasion and compromise run its course; the courts are the wrong place to go when your rights aren’t being protected, and it will only spur backlash;

Argument No. 5: The baker is only asking that his sincere religious beliefs and artistic freedom be respected; he is not harming anyone.

Hopefully Justice Kennedy is paying attention. :)

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May 2012
By the wall
Why is that an understandable lapse?

What does being white have to do with anything?

Explain please.