How Donald Trump appeals to men secretly insecure about their manhood

Apr 2014
I don't get down on any of this stuff. We're just talking. Clearly lefties and righties have been developing stronger opinions of each other, as we move further apart as a nation. I don't think we've seen the end of it either.
Trump has made us enemies of each other. When Obama was president and when Bush was president I was able to debate with friends. That is no longer true.i can’t be friends with someone who believes Trump is an honorable man


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Thought the article was sort of a pathetic low point for the Washington Post.

But have little doubt it will energize a certain percentage of their readers.
I have to agree with you a bit. If this "research" were valid, why not publish it in a refereed journal? The fact that Trump searches are correlated with searches for "erectile function" is interesting, but I don't think it supports the conclusions of these journalists.
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Oct 2014
Your dick's dick?

What like a mole or something?

Wait... Never mind.
It's just so big that it grew it's own dick, with 2 balls. Gives women the choice.

It's like one is like "normal" size and the other one... I get tempted to use it as a belt sometimes.

(Btw - the point is, each tiny dick reference I'm just putting a big dick joke. Not that mines small, just not really big enough to make jokes about)
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You still don't get; people that supported Trump saw Hilary as evil. Trump was viewed as anywhere between the lesser of the two evils to an outsider who was serious and dedicated to his promise to remove the corruption in government.

As for dick size, it's pathetic that this is the level that is being resorted to, I mean, it's less offensive than previous accusations at least. Besides, I'm hung like a chipmunk. Tail, teeth and all.
Trump lied. What has he done to "remove the corruption in government?"
Jul 2015
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It may take something catastrophic, and that concerns me. The economy could tank big time, and both Party's will have to come to terms with the debt, which is out of control.

Neither Party will take the necessary steps to get a handle on the debt. Democrats want to raise taxes, and the GOP wants to cut services.
People and the political parties change over time. Back in the 50s, the Dixiecrats were Democrats, it seems that any remaining Dixiecrats are now Republicans. When Mr. Kennedy, a Democrat, was President the goal was to put a man on the moon. During Mr. Obama's tenure, a Democrat, the goal became to put a man in the ladies room.
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No. Evidently the same men with micro-penises crawled out of the woodwork, swamps and trailer parks to go and elect Trump, but stayed home for all other Presidents.

It's simpleton math and makes sense to some.

Tiny penises.
And these came out to give hillary the win in popular vote:


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