How important is your credit rating to you?

How important is your credit rating?

  • It's important, and my credit is good

  • It's important, and I'm working on making it better

  • It's important, but my credit is poor

  • It's not important, but I have good credit regardless

  • It's not important, but I'd like it to be better

  • It's not important and it sucks

  • I have no credit

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Apr 2018
I keep getting notices from my banks offering free credit reports. I personally find having good credit makes everything in my financial life easier. Is your rating important to you? Feel free to post it...
Mar 2012
New Hampshire
For me yes it is. Every place I have ever worked has run a credit check before hiring. So it became a necessity to ensure a great credit score or risk losing decent job opportunities. All the "extras" like getting lower loan interest is just a nicety.
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Former Staff
Feb 2007
Its very important - for a time. After you've obtained all the things needed from credit, it becomes less important.

Maintaining a good credit rating is fairly easy if you have an income.

And checking your rating is free, now.


Former Staff
Jul 2014
It's not that important to me, because I do not carry debt anyway, already own my home, etc... But my credit is good.
The only debt we carry is our home mortgage, but that will be paid off in like 6 years

Went to get a new car loan about 10 years ago. The guy said he had never seen a credit score as high as mine :)

Plus now that benefit goes to both of our kids. They have great credit scores too.