how is the GOP going to handle the coming debate on race, sexism, religious bigotry, etc, with Trump at the top of the ticket?

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One of the defining characteristics of the 2020 Democratic presidential contest is the unprecedented diversity of the field, which already features more women and minority candidates than ever.

But even more significant than the increasing variety of the contenders may be the growing diversity of the primary voters who will choose among them. Over the past decade, the electorate in the Democratic presidential primary has grown more racially diverse, better educated and more heavily tilted toward female voters, an extensive new CNN analysis of exit poll data has found
2020 Democrats face the most diverse electorate in history

it's going to be interesting isn't it?

Some of us remember that so-called "autopsy" the DNC did after the defeat of Romney by Obama. One of the main findings was that they need to do "minority outreach". That all went out the window the day Trump descended down that golden escalator and declared that Mexico was sending it's racist and murders. They tried. You have to give it to them. Republican's tried to distance themselves from Trump's bigotry and racism. But, it was far too little too late. Trump is now the face of the party.

We had our first glimpse at how the GOP plans to approach the election. Mitch is forcing a vote on the "Green New Deal" . Make no mistake. This is an attempt to use one of the biggest things Democrats are offering that the Republican's don't have. Diversity. You could see them all smirking when Mitch made the announcement. If they were smart they'd launch a primary challenge against Trump while they still have a chance of saving the party. With him at the top of the ticket this is what they're going to be up against.

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