How old were you when you knew?

May 2012
By the wall
My best friend is gay and you would never know it.

I wouldn't think twice about giving my life for him, we are that close.

But I have seen him go full gay.

This is an example but by no means is it implying anything about gays, I am just trying to make a point about people changing from one personality to the other.

Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Really? This sounds like something a person who lives on the outside of life staring at it through a window would say. And the sex is always missionary so the couple can stare mystically into each other's eyes and whisper sweet nothings in each other's ears..

There is plenty of room for Good people having recreational sex, talking dirty, hair pulling and the occasional, right there Fred in the car... maybe even while driving.. It happens and doesn't make anybody a Bad person..
Jump to conclusions!

Loving as in "I am not hoping this sex will leave you feeling degraded or afraid". Two strangers can have loving sex in a elevator ride.

Some married people have never had loving sex.

Did you read The Joy Of Sex?
Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Yea, Julie was great as Catwoman, but.....never in my life, have I seen as gorgeous of a woman, as Linda Carter. Tall, big-boned, but an absolutely fantastic figure. And, still beautiful (She has aged incredibly well),

I think, the only thing that held her back in acting, was here height. (That is an issue with a lot of female actors: Not many dudes want to be in a romance, with an actress 6" taller than they are. Ditto that for action movies, BUT...Carter would have been good in that, as well...)
Carter is a hero IRL, too. Protected her husband when he was in great trouble as a Congressman.

All around, a very admirable woman.
Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Well if I were sitting at a bar and Brad Pitt came up and hit on me I might actually have to think about it for a second before I said no.
Not me. I have no attraction to all these effeminate men Hollywood keeps telling me are desirable.

Men should look like men. Like my Daddy, or MLK Jr, or Robert Mitchum.

I want to be the pretty one! Not fight my lover for room to store OUR make up.


Former Staff
Mar 2007
I remember the day when I knew that these categories are there to make people feel secure and they are largely inaccurate for many people.
Apr 2014
I grew up in Brooklyn New York the 40's and 50's and there was no question about being straight. Everybody was- except for the freaks that we heard of in far off Greenwich village in Manhattan- or so I thought. "Homosexuals" were not actual human beings and good for nothing except to be ridiculed and derided. There was an older kid around who caught hell and called faggot just for wearing Bermuda shorts. So I never thought much about being straight.

However, there was a time when a male friend and I were playing strip poker in his room and I lost my pants and got turned on. It was a freak out and we quickly got dressed and never spoke of it again - as I recall. I must have been in my early teens full of raging hormones. What did this mean, I have no idea to this day, and I'm 69. In all of those years, I never had any such experience again, including during the time that my wife and I were swinging and some men- and many women- engaged in bi sexual behavior. I, however, never had any desire to and in fact found myself to be averse to it. I don't have any moral problem with homosexuality -and fully support LGBT rights- but the idea of engaging in it myself is foreign and unthinkable. The prohibition that was ingrained in me was through and deep.

It is only in my later years that I have come to appreciate the complexity of human sexuality and the fact that so many people - maybe most- are not fully hetero or homosexual- including myself. Had I been a millennial instead of a boomer, my sexual experiences might have been much different. However, I am a well adjust, heterosexual, married male and at this late date, I'm not going to mess with it.
Where in Brooklyn? We used to go to Greenwich Village to look at the "queers". Little did I know that one of my best friends who would go with us was gay