How Trump is actually draining the swamp


Former Staff
Nov 2009
Was reading up a bit on the two Giuliani associates that were recently arrested and had a random thought about all this. No matter who it is that gets ensnared by the investigations that the spotlight shown on our government right now will generate, be they dem or rep, Trump himself, whatever.... I think this is one of the good things that a Trump presidency has caused. Having a dumb ass like him, who wears his libido on his sleeve, who has no filter, who has no moral compass... this is exactly who we need to scatter the rest of the roaches who were far better at hiding in the shadows than Trump.

Even though we pay a high price, or maybe especially because we are paying this high price, we should be relentless to route out corruption now. Any/All of it, no matter who's team, no matter how high or how low, no matter how long it takes. We need to crush this while we can.