"Hug me, I'm gay"...

The Man

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Jul 2011
This kid went around central Moscow with a poster that said the above, to see how people would react lol

First interesting bit

Those three bearded guys, clearly from Caucasus, look like Dagestan to me, Muslims, supposed to be super duper homophobic. Yet they walk on by, go on about their business, completely ignoring this lad lol

He also certainly gets plenty of hugs, a lot of them - from attractive girls

Made me wonder if that's not the whole idea lmao He's probably not even really a gay either hahaha

One girl did slap the living hell out of him instead though

Right in front of Christ the Savior Cathedral, the seat of power of the Orthodox Church. She's probably a religious hardliner too, would explain that sort of response ;)

And, finally, on Red Square, two other young guys knock him down and take his poster away, which ends his little adventure

Interestingly, he also shows, around Red Square and the Kremlin, lots of police everywhere, patrolling, all around him

None of them come to hassle him, even though there is the law against gay propaganda and all lol On the other hand, when those two guys beat him up, no cops come to his aid either... :smiley-shrug:

Overall, I think he got lucky. This shit could have ended way worse for him... Smart to stick to the safer, touristy central neighborhoods with this too...
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