Hunter Biden: Would “Probably Not” Be On Any Foreign Company Boards If Joe Biden Not VP

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Jul 2011
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Hunter Biden: Would “Probably Not” Be On Any Foreign Company Boards If Joe Biden Not VP


Anyone else notice the crackling in his voice, his glassy blood shot eyes his stumbling, not at .40 in the video, looks down and too the left indicating deception... He is clearly struggling still with drugs.
May 2012
By the wall
Wow he is an idiot. Obviously he only got that position for access to the VP and ultimately Obama.
Jun 2014
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W would have never been President, were he not GHW's son. Rand wouldn't be a Senator, were he not a Paul. Elaine Chao wouldn't be Secretary of Transportation, had she not married McConnell.

Hunter Biden has done absolutely nothing that was either unethical or illegal by accepting high paying jobs, and Hunter Biden isn't running for public office.
Nov 2010
This is fun. The biggest grifter to ever occupy the White House has his daughter working there, his son-in-law conducting “foreign policy”, Eric and Jr running around the globe using the office of the President to make money for the family business — all of them making tens of millions off of their name and relation to the POTUS — but Hunter Biden bad for doing the same exact thing that the child of any powerful person does.

The cult of Trump is nothing if not the biggest fucking hypocrites on the face of the earth. Fortunately, most people aren’t as dumb and easily manipulated as MAGAts.
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