Hurricane Michael and F-22's at Tyndall

Jul 2018
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I would not be surprised if they rebuild with hardened hangers.

Much like in Korea, Europe...etc.
Yep if they are smart they will. It hurts my pride, but sometimes the AF is not smart / forward thinking enough on stuff like this. :confused:
The old TAB V HAS in Ramstein AB Germany could be suitable for this purpose.
Jul 2018
North Carolina
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15 Nov 2018 | By Oriana Pawlyk
All the F-22 Raptors that were left behind at Tyndall Air Force Base during Hurricane Michael have moved on to the bases where they will be housed until the Air Force determines their final future destination, the service's top civilian said Thursday.
"All of the F-22s have been flown out now," Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson said during the annual Defense One summit in Washington, D.C. "All of the damage to them was minor ... They were repaired and flown out."

The Air Force in recent weeks announced it would relocate its Tyndall F-22 stealth fighter fleet, dividing the aircraft between Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia; Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska; and Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.
Eglin Air Force Base in Florida -- roughly 60 miles away from Tyndall in Florida's panhandle -- has also accepted some of Tyndall's F-22s and T-38 Talon trainers. The Raptor schoolhouse for pilots in training has also been relocated to Eglin.
Sep 2013
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I would try to explain how stupid that sentence is.

But, I know how futile that exercise would be.

Here's a clue:

Scheduled MX is scheduled every ____ flying hours or ____ months in advance.

They only had a few days notice.

Some of those planes were in pieces in the hanger when they got the first warning.

Those planes can't be reassembled in a few minutes like your old military rifle was.

You really need to have at least basic understanding of these complex airplanes before saying stuff like that.

And, yes, in a non combat environment, almost half are unable to fly.
Maybe the location isnt a good place to send planes for scheduled maintenance.

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