'I always look orange'


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Jun 2007
From Trump's own mouth. Guess who's fault it is?

It's the light bulbs.

President Donald Trump on Thursday evening claimed that energy efficient light bulbs make him look orange, one in a series of bizarre claims about green energy and climate conservation in remarks to Republican House members in Baltimore.
"What's with the lightbulb?" Trump asked introducing one of several environmentally related rants in his more than hour long remarks. He described energy efficient light bulbs as "many times more expensive than that old, incandescent bulb that worked very well" and "the lights no good."
"The bulb that we're being forced to use, number one, to me, most importantly, I always look orange," he said, to laughs from the audience.
Trump says energy-efficient light bulbs make him look orange - CNNPolitics


It seems the light bulbs have singled him out to the exclusion of everyone else. What a doofus.


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Dec 2007
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LED lights not only save a fortune in electricity, but also in labor costs. Traffic lights are the best example. Not only do the LEDs use 85% less power, but the labor cost of replacing a traffic light bulb is several hundred dollars, and traffic light LEDs have a ~20x longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs.
May 2019
A Van Down by the River...
How weird this post.
Just today I was watching a Trump presser set in the WH.
It occurred to me that while all his predecessors greyed over time, his hair seems to get more brightly colored, like from a Batman movie, 'cuz whatever color it is, it ain't natural.