I don't really follow basketball ...

Jan 2012
Toronto won and the entire series was astonishing. It was like a real life Rocky movie only no villain and both sides just played great basketball. Both were heavyweights standing in the middle of the ring swinging away and finally someone went down.... Golden State....lost but wow did they put up a fight.

Serious every possession was like 3-5 passes to make a basket clearing the last pass by quarter inch to tip or get bounce into the bucket. Really great series and amazing basketball overall. Sad someone had to lose.
Aug 2018
I watched games 2 and 5 I think. The only basketball games I've watched in my life.

Happy for Toronto. What a ride.

Hard to stomach what happened here with the Grizzlies. But cant blame that on anyone except local management. And the NBA is hinting that Vancouver might get a second shot at a franchise.


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Jan 2008
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Great series. Lots of close games. Plus, neither team was an isolation team where they just pass it to one guy who then goes one on one while the other players just stand around.
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Jul 2011
Wait...Toronto is in the National BA...as in the US of A?
Why not? There are NHL teams in both Canada and US, why not NBA?

Anyway, yeah, great victory for the Raptors. I didn't really watch, never been a basketball fan, to be honest; but plenty at our office sure did, we had a party to celebrate, actually haha
Feb 2011
Boise, ID
I quit my subscription a little over a month ago because when summer hits we have too many activities to watch any TV, but I watched the Gamecast on ESPN and have been following pretty closely.

Tangent: Anyone who's familiar with NBA drama watch "Game of Zones" by Bleacher Report on YouTube? Highly recommend.
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Dec 2018
I quit watching sports. Too much money. Too much drama. No defense in basketball. Football is a joke. I’ve just kinda quit caring. I used to love college stuff, but even that is bad enough.

I do enjoy UFC and some Olympic judo and stuff. but even there not as much with UFC. Too much steroid bullshit. And Dana white is a schmuck.
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