I see that Sen. Lindsey Graham is up for re-election in 2020

May 2019
Odds favor the Flip-Flopping Graham, but it's still a year until election day.

As of today, that is correct. Also from thestate.com from November 5, 2019.

What could help Harrison, who has raised large amounts cash in his bid to unseat the GOP incumbent, is that many — or 18% of S.C. voters — remain undecided, according to the poll. A little money spent on boosting name ID could change that, observers note.

Lindsey Graham leading in bid to keep US Senate seat, poll shows
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Dec 2018
the Heart of America
Which is all that matters to party-over-country partisans like yourself.
Unfortunately true for far too many Republicans today. It's obvious from the vast majority of Republicans in Congress that they are violating their oaths in favor of party politics.
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