#I_Need_Openness (Russian #MeToo)

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Jul 2011
Russia’s female Twitter users have started a movement to share stories of everyday harassment and abuse in the country, generating widespread support and some backlash from male users.

The #I_Need_Openness hashtag — #Mnye_Nuzhna _Glasnost in Russian in a nod to the reformation of the Communist Party in the 1980s — comes two years after the start of the #MeToo movement in the United States that was born in response to sexual assault accusations in Hollywood.

Russia largely turned a blind eye to #MeToo when it first gained prominence. The country decriminalized domestic violence in 2017, and several accusations of sexual assault against public figures have gone nowhere.

Internet blogger @Teacat_w, who launched the social media flashmob with another blogger, @fnck__you, said they had acted because they believe men in Russia do not want to hear about what they have done to women, and that therefore every time a woman starts to speak about abuses she has suffered she is ridiculed and accused.

“One woman will never be listened to, she is immediately surrounded by men who are ready to shut her up, but it is much more difficult to do the same with a group of women,” she told The Moscow Times.

Under the new hashtag, users opened up about experiencing groping on the metro, catcallingand being afraid of walking alone at night for fear of rape.
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Yeah... Russia is still such a fucked up place for women...

They can face horrific violence and abuse at home, from the men they love and who are supposed to love them too: Russia's Disappearing Women: Every Forty Minutes A Woman Dies From Domestic Violence

But they also have to deal with crap in the public arena too; such as perverts with wondering hands, on public transport

If you are a young and attractive female, basically, either stay out of buses and trolleys and Metro trains during crowded peak hours; travel only with your husband/boyfriend/brother/any male, really, because most of such guys (transit gropers), over there, at least, are cowards, who are unlikely to dare put hands on a woman if they see there is a man with her, who may retaliate, perhaps in a violent manner, this being Russia lol Or, otherwise, basically, just learn to ignore the hands "accidentally" feeling you up all over...

Some young ladies have taken desperate measures, such as this girl on St. Petersburg Metro, apparently defending her personal space (at least, according to some reports and captions I saw on social media)


I don't know if things will ever improve for the females over there...

The Church helps fuel men's nasty attitudes, with own misogynistic crap spewed by high-ranking clerics within their midst: Top Russian Priest In Hot Water For Saying Men Smarter Than Women

As do the politicians, in the Duma, for instance, the national embarrassment of a "parliament", when people can go online and look up pics of male members freely groping female staff and even fellow lawmakers

I wrote before about that bastard, Leonid Slutsky

Sexually harassed and assaulted several female journalists from the Duma press pool, and got away with it completely: Russia tells UN Tribunal to piss off...

Wonderful example being set for all Russian men, especially the young...

And Putin himself, if we are being honest, is also very much a part of the problem: Putin: "I don’t have bad days because I’m not a woman"