If it's not okay to hate Jews...

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Jul 2011
It's not, unless you're a Republican. Then you get to be certain that people's ethnicity and religion are responsible for their bad behavior and to warn that you better keep your eye on the rest of them because they'll do the same thing.
Wonder what they thought of my thread about influential Muslims back in Russia lol

I recall some of em screeching about how a country cannot survive with its original culture and will basically die and submit to Sharia and whatever, if Muslims become 10% or more of population there. Well, here is one where they are almost 1/5, and play an active role in politics and business and sports and the entertainment industry. And that country hasn't exploded yet either :D

Funny, none of them had anything to say on that... :)
Mar 2019
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...then why is it okay to hate Muslims?

Seriously. I want to know.
Look, this is america, ya can both hate Jews and use them as tools simultaneously. Who hates Muslims? Ever seen how we suck off the radical Wahabist Saudis? Have we not partnered with Osama, al Qaida, al Nusra and ISIS when it suits us?