If it's not okay to hate Jews...

Apr 2012
The only religions I have problems with are those that limit people's choices. You as a female must do x but not y and same for the male you must be y and not x. I hate that shit. I also have problems with religions that want to be part of the government. Don't give me Sharia and don't give me your Evangelical Christian beliefs and make them my laws. I believe you should give Caesar his due and give God his dues but they should Never meet.

Church and State have to stick to their lanes. I don't think that Churches or Religions should be active in supporting candidates or fund raising. If they do either of those things their waiver re paying taxes should be revoked.
Those so called, you can do, can not do are nothing but man made rules.
Apr 2014
The liberal commie infested, queer loving north ea
Who says it is ok?
The people who have a need to hate someone or something. It could be any group but the cowards will target the one who they think that they will be the least likely to be condemned for attacking. It's not so easy to get away with disparaging blacks and gays anymore so they go after Muslims and Latinos.
Nov 2007
Prague, Czech Republic
I'm aware that some have tried to make that connection, globalists are those who push / call for creating a world government, somehow they must all be jewish even when people argue that the group is formed of people of all nationalities.

I don't understand this mentality that everyone is talking in code and of course all code words are just racist dog whistles, it's not like there are real issues, everything boils down to racism.
I think the belief stems from that fact that many of the conspiracy theories propounded by those who talk about the globalist elite are simply old school anti-semitic conspiracy theories with the word 'Jew' replaced with 'globalist'. Hence the suspicion that the theorists are secretly talking about the Jews still and just know that's not acceptable to say in public.

Now, I don't think this is usually the case. The same conspiracy theories have long circled around with only the hate figure changed. Many of the classic conspiracy theories about the plot for Jewish world domination, after all, are just stories that were told about Jesuits with the word 'Jesuit' changed for 'Jew'. Doesn't mean the anti-Semites who believed were only pretending to be talking about Jews.

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Jul 2011
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It's actually pretty simple. When you don't say something a leftist can object to, they simply pretend that you did.
Or suggest that what you say, is a racist hint, or “dog whistle” due to a lack of intellectual objective thinking. Everything they dont like is racist.
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