If Trump is as bad as Hitler himself, why haven't you taken up arms to stop him?

Jun 2013
If Trump is as bad as Hitler himself, why haven't you taken up arms to stop him?

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Every singe day here there are certain posters who are convinced trump is a dictator who wants to be the next hitler. They are convinced he is as "bad as hitler". I for one think that they are full of shit. which begs the question. If these posters think he is as bad as hitler, what have they done to stop this american hitler?

To me, comparing trump to hitler is not only ignorant, but an insult to those who died, and survived the Holocaust. I think we need some perspective.

This is a constant misnomer and a means to attempt to dismiss any warnings of parallels to how Hitler and others like him rose to and gained power, well before the horrific things they did with that power. The reason Hitler is mentioned most often is because he is perhaps the most famous among the worst of the worst people who once in power, (by use of many of the same means and methods), abused their power to do horrible things.

I will use a Trumpism, when it comes to his description of immigrants coming to our southern border and who "they" (whoever that is) are "sending" to America, but use it to describe despots like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and others who were dictators or ended up "ruling" one party states, only I believe that unlike Trump, one will be able to find some truth in the suggestion that most despots, rulers of one party states and dictators are NOT nice people, even if "some of them" might be.

Mention of Hitler and those like him is more about how they came to positions of power to then do, whatever horrific things they did with with that power. I don't believe anyone believes Trump is going to set up concentration camps anytime soon, but he has hinted at arresting journalists for leaks and he has reversed protections, not only for Americans and others, but the environment, while claiming to be pro-America and American. I think most people of the nation are the same when it comes to things like whistle blowing and leaks because they can also do undue harm to the security of the nation, thus they present a conundrum/dilemma many times. Were Trump to not run around Tweeting things like calling the media the "enemy of the American people" his suggestion to crack down on journalists might not have further meaning, but a free press has long been held as one of the most valuable bastions of freedom that exists.

When a leader begins to suggest the free press is the enemy of the people, it sends up red flags, not about the free press, but about the leader.

When the same "leader" stayed home while others went to fight a war, then acts as if he reveres the military, it sends up red flags.

When the "leader" of the nation refuses to believe his own security agencies (who WAS he believing?) and on the world stage says he believes the head of one of this country's prime competitors for world power, over his own security people, when he asks the people of that same nation to look for and hack the files of his political rivals, it sends up red flags.

When the "leader" of this nation scapegoats people based on who they love, their gender, their religion and their ethnicity and nationality, it sends up red flags.

When the "leader" of this nation campaigns as if following this playbook Mein Kampf: War Propaganda , it sends up red flags.

NO ONE is saying "Trump is as bad as Hitler himself", but Trump supporters.

As has been pointed out numerous times in this thread, the desire is to vigilant, but to see if the system the founders of this nation instituted and the safeguards instituted since, can survive those who have been working to deconstruct them, if not remove them. The free press being among those under assault in the most visible way. It is quite obvious to those with functioning brains why despots wish to squelch/censure anything that reveals anything negative about them and their activities and why it is critical to have a free press so that "the people" are made aware of the activities of their leaders. LYING should be done by NO ONE, INCLUDING and most especially the POTUS. Honest people with functioning brains can also investigate what our current POTUS says and see how often he lies and compare it to how often his opponents and the free press lies. The free press is in the business of reporting and those with functioning brains can also see how reports can be wrong based on where the information is collected and they can see retractions and corrections are made, when the press gets it wrong. That does not make the press perfect and without flaw, but it is more important across its spectrum than a singular person in the Oval Office or all the people in Congress or government or in the private sector. "The people" should also know when business people in the private sector are doing things they should not be doing, ALL for the purpose of us holding one another accountable for our actions. Yes, the press should be held as accountable as anyone the media holds accountable, but it is NOT the enemy of the American people or any people, unless it is controlled solely by those in power, either by their commandeering it for their own purposes or by falsely fomenting distrust of it as a means of censorship.
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Oct 2011
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Trump said he'd take information from a Foreign Adversary about his opponent. Fuck, Trump is not only a dictator wannabee, a Nazi and White Supremacist sympathizer, but a fucking traitor. You can't make this shit up.
Jul 2011
Hello! He also just said he'd take information from a foreign adversary about his opponent. I suppose you still love Trump?

Just keep hanging in there @Rev. Hellh0und. Maybe Trump will shoot someone in cold blood tomorrow. Maybe that'll do it eh?

You're funny.

Didnt hillary take information from a foreign advisory about her opponent? You know the dossier?

Like shooting fish in a barrel, people.....
Nov 2015
If Trump is as bad as Hitler himself, why haven't you taken up arms to stop him?

Donald is not "AS BAD" as Hitler - Thankfully our democracy has guard rails in the Legislative & Judicial branches.

For NOW ...

PS: Only Trumptards "take up arms" to "stop" those they politically disagree with in a democracy. We VOTE
There goes my coffee again.

Have you honestly forgotten already all the demonstrations in the streets "He's not my president" and the attempted coup?? Then you make out that it sounds like the left sit in armchairs smoking a pipe, reading the newspaper and quietly saying, "We just vote"??

Why do you write such funny posts?
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I've never called him Hitler. He is a wanna-be dictator. Fortunately, our constitution has, so far, held him off from accomplishing that.

He's already said he'd love to be able to be president indefinitely like dictators around the world. Plus, once he's out of office the indictments are gonna start flying for him, lol.
That's exactly it; he's a pathalogical liar & a narssasistic asshole that has dictator tendencies! He's not as bad as Hitler yet, but give him time! So when his time in office is up let's see what happens...I would be willing to bet that if Sir Tiny Hands loses the election he will not leave power on his own! He will do like other crooks around the globe have done throughout history & not leave power because once he does there is a good chance of him being indicted on shit!...I remember that time he said he has "the military, cops & bikers for Trump on his side"? Like I've stated before he is laying the groundwork!
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If someone actually believes that Trump has the potential to spiral out of control to the level of Hitler, then they would certainly want to get possession of a "military" style weapon. And would do anything possible to keep it from being registered. I wonder if the people in so much fear of Trump are staunch advocates for gun rights. Somehow I doubt it. "Trumps going to turn into Hitler....and we need to ban guns" does that make sense?

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