If Trump is on the ballot in 2020.....he and his party will lose in a landslide.

Apr 2016
It makes me so mad. Recessions are always going to happen, we've just had the right amount of luck, resources and good psychology among investors.

Especially in this type of feel-good environment (or what has been one), it should be the top priority of the U.S. government to not take unnecessary risks that could conceivably hasten a recession. Trump has been warned that a trade war might do this every step of the way, and yet he has continued onward,

A) Because he is (probably*) too wealthy to be seriously damaged by a recession, and so are all his Mar-a-Lago friends, so it doesn't matter to him
B) He is too stupid and arrogant to seriously contemplate what a recession means for the country or how he could trigger one as president
C) He appears to genuinely believe basic untruths about tariffs, such as the notion that they are not a tax and that they penalize China only
D) No GOP power brokers are prepared to stand up for their own self-interest before it's too late; they can't afford another recession on their watch
E) The media takes blatantly false presentations about this issue at face value, and just presents them alongside (sometimes, even without) actual facts**
F) Fuck fuck fuck, fuck all of this shit***.

_ _ _ _ _
* Grants the notion that Trump is actually a billionaire and not a complete fabrication who has much greater debt than real property
** Among all journalists qualified to report on financial news, only Ali Velshi, his colleague Stephanie Ruhle and NPR's Kai Ryssdal have consistently refused to even contemplate that the president might be behaving in an above-board, honest manner in his claim that tariffs are not a penalty on Americans. The rest either "both sides" it, refuse to explicitly state that Trump is telling falsehoods about basic realities, or allow Trump to use their ink/space/air for unfiltered propaganda
*** I mean, seriously. This is fucked up.
Yes ... Better to let China take us over ...